Sometimes the smallest acts bring the biggest rewards!

One of the orphans we are sending to the university was having difficulty with her Marketing 101 class.  Listening to her struggles, we realized she had never been shopping in a large department store or ever visited a mall.  Her previous shopping experiences have been to what we Americans might call a flea market setting or shopping for vegetables that are piled along the roadside.  Last Saturday Alice and a friend spent the day at a Nairobi Mall.  She said she walked around in disbelief at all she saw; she talked to store managers about their displays; even purchased some clothes for school; and returned home exhausted.  Although we had sent her some money for this “field trip”, she shopped wisely, not wanting to spend too much money, and arrived home without spending all we had sent.  That, in itself was evidence of the management skills she is also learning.  Thought for the day:   The weekly trip to the Mall many of us take, can provide a life changing experience for others.