Reaching Out Via Radio

What an experience!   Recently we were given the opportunity to share to many Americans the work we do through Sheppard Foundation of Hope.  We were interviewed on the Jim Bohannon Radio Talk Show – Westwood One.   Trying to give each of you a picture of what life is like in Kenya for the orphans, widows, and vulnerable people was a real challenge.   How do you explain that many village families live in a mud house which has holes in the walls and the thatched roof leaks when it rains?   Children miss school because they quite often become sick because of these conditions.   When they do attend school, they walk home for lunch (sometimes miles), only to find there is no food to feed them.   Girls often miss school one week out of each month because they have no way to protect them during their monthly cycle.  Therefore, their school grades suffer.  Mothers spend all day at the nearby market trying to sell items of which there are many ladies selling the exact same product…each trying to raise money so they can feed their families or pay one of their many children’s school fees.   Perhaps we missed this opportunity to paint a clear picture, but we are always more than willing to answer any questions you might have.  Email us at:     Also, take a look at our DONATE page to see ways you can help.