School Break is Almost Over

The children throughout Kenya were released from Term 2 a few days early so they could arrive at their village or home prior to any unrest caused by pre-election or post election violence.   Fortunately most Kenyans chose to accept the results of their national election and there was little violence.  All citizens and those concerned international friends are very relieved.   The HOREC children, Obaga children, and Maasai girls have had a chance to relax, get the necessary school supplies and will be traveling back to their schools in less than a week.  One story to share with you is another organization built a fellowship hall for the Jewels of Obaga.   It will have several uses:  A meeting place for the Jewels, a place the Jewels can feed their children, secure storage for garden supplies, beading supplies, and paperwork, and finally, it will serve as a source of income from rent when it is rented by others for special occasions.  The Obaga Scholarship recipients spent a couple days cleaning and polishing floors, windows and walls while on their school break.  Way to go kids!   Serving others is an important lesson in life.