Here’s the Latest Buzzzz!

We recently received a request from a family comprised of 6 orphans needing funding for a beekeeping business.  Their parents died eleven years ago leaving them to care for themselves.  The two oldest children stayed in their village to protect the property the children inherited from their parents.  The four younger children were taken to an orphanage and have been able to receive an education through financial sponsorship.  They have investigated the honey business and learned only 20% of the country’s potential has been tapped – thus, this could grow as they re-invest some of the profits from each harvest.   We are excited  to help this family build a successful and self-sustainable business.  An organized beekeeping association will provide training for this family, oversee the installation of 10 hives, and offer a market for the honey unless the family wishes to establish their own customers.  Our foundation will be repaid 10% of the income from each harvest and use it to help fund similar businesses for other vulnerable families.  If this peaks your interest, we encourage you to help bring hope to this family by donating towards the cost of this “honey” of a  project.   Check out our donation page.

Maximize Your Charitable Contributions

The new tax law that will go into affect in 2018 might change the way many of you take your deductions.   If you will no longer itemize your donations, but rather take the standard deduction starting in 2018, please consider making an extra year end (2017) donation to the Sheppard Foundation for Hope while you can still deduct your donation.   Our foundation funds education for orphans and vulnerable Maasai girls;  clean water projects; loans for small businesses for widows and vulnerable families; new homes for widows; solar lights for refugees and families without electricity; and several other projects that bring hope to those in need here in the United States and Third World countries.   We pledge that 100% of your donation goes for the project you designate and we travel to each site to insure the funds are spent correctly.   Administrative and travel expenses are not taken from your donation.