Will you help?   Most of the things we do cost money.  Your donation will help us provide the following for orphans, widows, and other vulnerable persons.  For further information feel free to contact us at:    sheppardhope23@gmail.com

Bring HOPE for Orphans

Primary School Costs  (K – 8)

Tuition, fees, books and uniforms for one year                      –        $      90

Secondary School Costs  (9 – 12)

Tuition and fees for one year attendance                               –        $    450

Boarding costs for one year                                                     –       $    450

Books and school supplies for one year                                   –      $    100

School uniforms, shoes and socks  (per set)                            –      $      60

University Costs   (In Kenya:  Cost per one semester/term)

Tuition, insurance, and other required fees                               –       $ 2,100

Room and board in a school dormitory                                      –       $ 1,250

Books and school supplies                                                         –       $   100

Pocket Money  (for personal needs)                                           –       $     50 @ month

Laptop                                                                                         –      $    600

Internet Bundles (Wi-fi and internet)                                           –      $      30 @ semester


Cost per term  x  3 terms per year

Tuition/School Fees                                                                     –    $    210 @ term

Room and Board                                                                          –    $    520 @ term  or   $ 130 @ month

Phone for University and Vocational students so we            –     $   200

can send money directly to the student.   International

wire fees are between $60 – 70 per transaction.

The Sheppard Foundation for Hope is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.
ALL your donations are tax deductible.
Designate the specific HOPE you wish to bring on the memo line of your check.

Send to:

Sheppard Foundation for Hope

106 Whispering Oaks Lane

Branson,   MO  65616

Donations may also be made through Paypal using your credit or debit card:


Financial Integrity

We are committed to financial integrity and transparency. We pledge 100% of all donations will be used for their designated program.

  • If a project is canceled for any reason, the donor will be contacted about the possible re-designation of their donation.
  • We do not pay bribes and are vigilant to avoid much of the fiscal corruption that is prevalent in many developing countries.
  • 100% of the administrative costs of our foundation will be borne by the board of director members personally.
  • A copy of our financial records and/or IRS tax return will be made available upon request.