Our Program Philosophy

Our programs are designed, among other things, to provide clean drinking water, education and vocational training as well as startup funding and training for self sustaining business opportunities. We acknowledge that we can’t help all the vulnerable persons in the world, so these programs were developed with the idea that we can plant the seeds of change one person at a time. We use the “pay it forward” model, with the expectation that the one person we help will help their family who will then help other families in the village.  The desired end result will be bringing change and hope to an entire village and improving the well-being of all families of the community.

We are currently working on the following programs:

  • Clean water projects for villages

  • Improving the living conditions of vulnerable families

  • Secondary Education/High School Expenses

  • Vocational Training

  • University Education

  • Training and funding for small businesses

Note:   In some cases, we partner with churches and/or other non-profit organizations to avoid duplication of efforts and funding.