Maximize Your Charitable Contributions

The new tax law that will go into affect in 2018 might change the way many of you take your deductions.   If you will no longer itemize your donations, but rather take the standard deduction starting in 2018, please consider making an extra year end (2017) donation to the Sheppard Foundation for Hope while you can still deduct your donation.   Our foundation funds education for orphans and vulnerable Maasai girls;  clean water projects; loans for small businesses for widows and vulnerable families; new homes for widows; solar lights for refugees and families without electricity; and several other projects that bring hope to those in need here in the United States and Third World countries.   We pledge that 100% of your donation goes for the project you designate and we travel to each site to insure the funds are spent correctly.   Administrative and travel expenses are not taken from your donation.

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