Education is the Key to Change

Having traveled throughout many regions of Kenya over the past several years, the one question I keep hearing from widows and young people is, “Can you help me with my (or my children’s) school fees?” As a retired teacher it is so difficult to have to say, “Sorry, but I can’t.”   I have walked through the fields, stopped children and asked, “Why are you not in school today?”   Almost always the answer is , “The Head Master sent me home because I am delinquent with my fees.” Education is supposed to be free in Kenya ,but so many children sit at home because their parents must choose between feeding or educating their children.   When you make less than $ 2 a day, these are the choices many parents must make.  This topic is weighing heavily on my mind this week because I am still in need of a few friends and/or strangers to step forward and sponsor a child’s education.  Can you pay for a uniform; purchase books or school supplies; or even pay part of a year’s school fees?  Next years classes start in less than a week.  I have stayed up late every night this week reviewing the applications our foundation has received requesting help with funding school fees.   If I don’t choose a specific child, what will happen to them?   If I can’t find a sponsor for a young girl, will she be considered such a burden on her parent(s), they will choose to give her in marriage to an older man in exchange for ten cows?   So when I have to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t have another sponsor” it is a troubling decision for me.  If  you feel you can help with a child’s school fees, please, immediately go to our “Donate” page;  choose a way you would like to help, click on the PayPal button and change a child’s life.    Asante sana.

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